RCI’s management team is represented by local and foreign efforts.  Collaborating with clients and subcontractors from multinational to local firms, RCI’s focus is on incorporating sustainable products in our design and construction work. A commitment to excellence and the ability to combine creativity with technical and environmental with operational planning necessary to improve opportunities in global markets.

Our main goal is to target the type of community-oriented investment in urban growth, including youth development and senior care. Our experience to design and construct facilities that take many forms, including education, health, employment, civic engagement, and recreation, take the needs of the greater community into consideration.

This is done by working collaboratively with enterprises and host-country policy makers to strengthen the business environment, raise production standards, create buyer-seller market linkages and reduce or remove impediments to productive investments.


RCI’s detailed planning will serve to identify any potential construction constrains as early as the conceptual stage.  We will develop a plan that allows us to anticipate and eliminate most project issues that could create potential delays or problems in the future.  The following major tasks are included in each project:

 Conceptualization. In this first stage we determine WHAT is going to be built, WHO will build it, and HOW it will be built.

 30%-60% Design. Also known as the schematic stage, our projects begin to take shape.  Major options are evaluated, tested and selected.

95% Design: During this stage, all key design and construction documents (plans and specifications) are prepared.

100% Design & Permitting. This is where the WHAT becomes the HOW?  Construction documents have been reviewed by the customer, back-check comments have been incorporated and a “100% For Construction” set is issued for permitting, financing, and regulatory purposes.

Bid process & buy-out:Early involvement of key vendors and subcontractors allows for this process to get shorter than under traditional delivery methods, since most of the work is already contracted for during the schematic stages.

 Construction PhaseThis is where RCI realizes the benefits of the integrated effort.  Our pre-construction practices allow for construction management to focus primarily on quality control and cost monitoring functions instead of dealing with unproductive delays resulting from constructability challenges.

 Project Closeout: In this phase an intelligent model is delivered to the end user along with all applicable care, maintenance and warranty documentation.